Meeri Lempiäinen


Mari Lempiäinen

Meeri Lempiäinen earned her M.A. in dance from University of the Arts Helsinki in 2016. She has performed in works by established choreographers such as Liisa Risu, Liisa Pentti and Kosei Sakamoto, as well as emerging artists such as Soili Huhtakallio and Kati Korosuo. Meeri first collaborated with Petri Kekoni in 2012 on the work Laguna – Closer to the Heart. In addition to dance art contexts, Meeri has performed on the large stages of Turku City Theatre and Hartwall Arena, as well as in intimate gallery spaces and in dance films. In addition to her work as dancer, Meeri works as a part of the management team of dance school Tanssivintti and as dance teacher. Expanding the traditional position of the dancer to a role of active agency and independent bodily thinking is a topic that is close to Meeri’s heart.