Petri Kekoni Company

Vierasperäisiä muunnelmia

Petri Kekoni Company is a contemporary dance company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company is run by the non-profit association Liikkeen puolesta kannatusyhdistys ry (For the Sake of the Movement), that was founded in 2007. Petri Kekoni is the artistic director and choreographer of the ensemble. Repertoire of the company comprises works by Petri Kekoni from the early 2000s to the present day. The core goals of the company are the continuous refinement of artistic practice and longevity in time. The themes of the works are not tied to their creation dates, but the artistic expression and execution always include a timeless message.

Kekoni’s work is based on a cumulative movement canon as well as the long-term development of professional craft and artistic vision. The artistic collective of the company, including some 20 people, has been formed around this idea of continuous refinement. The collective includes acclaimed practitioners in dance, music and the visual arts, who form the specific ensemble for each work. Even though the productions are based on a core idea by choreographer Petri Kekoni, the wide-ranging expertise of the collective also enables the creation of cross-disciplinary hybrid works. In addition to productions created for traditional stage spaces, the company also designs new spatial concepts for dance works in interior and exterior urban environments.

Petri Kekoni Company creates one to two new works and joint productions per year. Since its founding, the company has produced a total of 12 new dance pieces as well as several joint productions. The company also guests regularly outside Finland. The company has received Finnish government support since 2010 and annual funding from the City of Helsinki since 2011. The company was awarded a five-year development grant from Arts Promotion Centre Finland for the years 2020 to 2024.