What comes after humans? If anyone can remember us, what will they know about our species? What will they think about our civilization?

Posthuman is a multidisciplinary science fiction chamber opera, where different art forms come together equally. In the story, posthuman beings conduct an experiment in which human genes and memes are put into a nonhuman child. A movement has an important role in the opera, it reflects a motion of different  elements and  particles of a space through the whole piece.  With two dancers we´ll disclose state of matter of hydrogen, helium, dark matter and dark energy.  In Petri Kekoni Company`s action plan this work will continue in footprints of Alma! Movement-opera, which got premiered two years ago in Tampere biennale festival.

The world premiere opera is composed by Max Savikangas, the libretto and direction are by Teemu Mäki, the choreography is by Petri Kekoni, and is produced by the Finnish Chamber Opera. The cast consists of Reetta RistimäkiPetri BäckströmSusanna Tollet, and Tuukka Haapaniemi, as well as Meri Pajunpää and Anna Stenberg as dancers, a four-member singing group, and a 10-member orchestra.

The performance is produced by Finnish Chamber Opera in a collaboration of Petri Kekoni Company, and is a part of Musica Nova Helsinki festival.

The world premiere is in Helsinki in Dance house Pannu hall 3.3.2023 at 19 hrs. Other performances are 5.3. at 15 hrs and 7.3. at 19 hrs.