Kekoni method – workshop 12.-13.6.2024

Now we are opening a very rare opportunity to get to know choreographer Petri Kekoni’s movemental world and artistic vison in Kuopio dance festival workshop in June for professional dancers.

As a repertoire workshop we are focusing closer look to the artwork “Ei aikaa | Otid | Untime which is going to be performed in Kuopio dance festival 17. and 18.6.2024. In the workshop we are opening movement motifs and paragraphs developed by Petri Kekoni during his 20 years career. Besides getting familiar in movements inner architecture we are also opening relations between movement, space and music.

Timetable: wed. 12.6. and 13.6. at 11-13.30 hrs.

Place: Kuopio dance studio, Puijonkatu 23, Kuopio